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You need to register in & to link your Dogecoin address there & then to put your Dogecoin address here in the Faucet.
I use FaucetPay like provider/gateway about the payment. In FaucetPay, You are able to earn more cryptocurrencies.
Just collect your ÐOGEs (and other cryptocurrencies) in FaucetPay. Make withdraw via Faucetpay into your crypto address.

How to create Dogecoin Address/Wallet?
- Go to:

What is dogecoin?
- Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency base on Litecoin wich was inspired by Bitcoin. Dogecoin particularity and reason why it became so famous, is that it features the Shiba Inu meme "Doge". It was created by the programmer Billy Markus on an idea from Jackson Palmer. Dogecoin uses the monetary symbols: D, Ɖ or DOGE.

What is a faucet?
- In the cryptocurrencies world, faucet is a website that gives away virtual coins, a few coins at a time (called drops). The main and original purpose is to help people new to the community get their first coins. Faucets usually restrict the number of times you can ask for coins with time limitation.

Is it really free all this?
- This website's costs for hosting and maintenance are all paid by ads revenue, so it's 100% free to use for you!

Why the Drop button have timer?
- It's need to avoid overloading the web server & to avoid many connections to FaucetPay.

Why I must wait couple minutes to next claim?
- Because the balance of this crypto faucet is not so hight :)

Why to collect the doges into FaucetPay and not be direct payout?
- For direct payment we need gateway, and the fees are hight there & as whole the fees of the dogecoin transactions are not so low too.
That's why You need to collect your crypto into FaucetPay & then to withdraw from there. It's not so bad this scheme, so be calm, it's not SCAM!

May I get rich using Crypto Faucets?
- No. Purpose is just to see how things work and fill your crypto address with some coins.

Are the CryptoFaucets SCAM, Scammer/Fraudster/Fraudler/Fraudulent schemes?
- NO! They drop very small sum of crypto coins to the people & by this way they get some sum into their wallet/address direct/instant or with not so direct payout. And if they can't doing mining process & buying possibility, this is good way to get virtual crypto coins. The real cool Faucets do not require registration, and only crypto address! Some CryptoFaucets make little profit from ads, but the profit cover only the domain renew&webhosting, nothing else! This is not fraudulent, right?

Why some free&paid webhostings don't allow to host crypto faucets?
- Because they are idiots, that's why! They are mentally challenged and their politics stink! They are noobz! There is nothing wrong with crypto faucets, remember that! It's just that some faucets release less and others more. And yeah, there are many fake crypto faucets with many ads there. They suckz!

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DogeCoin Faucet
DogeCoin Faucet

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