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Simple Terms of Service

0. Rule: Put only DogeCoin Address, not other text or other cryptocurrency address! If not = permanent BAN!
1. Rule: Using bots is not permitted & = permanent BAN!
2. Rule: You can use a proxy. I appreciate your anonymity. It's your right!
But that doesn't mean you have to abuse it!
Don't try to cheat the timer = BAN! And instead of getting small sums of coins, You will get from me ban by IP&Username in and here around my websites! That mean You will able to collect coins from other faucets linked in FaucetPay, but never more from my faucets!

Please, Disable your Ad Blocker!

Please consider supporting me by disabling your Ad blocker on this website.
Ads are my income to cover crypto coin payouts. All my profit from ads goes to my faucets.
You use Adblocker = You get small sum cryptocoins from my Faucets!
Please, disable your Ad-block, to help me continue paying You and to other users.
You earn cryptocurrency, I earn from ads small sum of fiat money & crypto coins. I think it's fair. So Disable adblocker and refresh the page.
Definitely it's not a place for people who hate ads & captcha. I know, the popups suckz, so excuse me for these ads,
but they are not so dangerous & only make you nervous. Thank You for the understanding!

DogeCoin Faucet
DogeCoin Faucet

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